IETF 102 Hackathon ( Implementing TLS 1.3 in NRPE )

Hello everyone,

Im going to share with you the amazing experience i had during 3 days of pure coding with

We had to implement the new protocol TLS 1.3 to the Nagios Remote Plugin Executor ( NRPE .

Me and Nigel we diverged into a deep state of concentration. On the first day our code was ready. Our only obstacle left was to prove a way it was using TLS1.3 locally.

After 1 day gone we continue to strive harder , even when i was having fever. But at the end the fever overtook me and i was forced to sleep and recover. The work was continued by Nigel who stayed up till 1 am to complete the testing. Finally after long hours of debugging he managed to test the protocol being used by NRPE locally:

Here is a picture :


The next day, we all woke up early, we started with full force. The fever was gone,after some good debugging we managed to test the ssl connection of NRPE with a client. We tested the connection and used wireshark to test the protocol being used:


Finally we proved the code to be working. We made a pull request #186

After 2 days of hard work we can see the results.

Please see the blog of Nigel for more information:


Thank you for your comprehension.


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